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Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 01 Ray's 1st. Annual Venture Into the New Year Ride
Jan 03 Tuesday Evening Walks
Jan 10 Tuesday Evening Walks
Jan 17 Tuesday Evening Walks
Jan 21 Slow Spokes Winter Picnic
Jan 21 Slow Spokes Winter Picnic
Jan 24 Tuesday Evening Walks
Jan 31 Tuesday Evening Walks
Feb 28 Ladies Night at Macomb Bike and Fitness
Mar 10 Biker's Night
Mar 13 Lakeside Mall Walk
Mar 17 Lakeside Mall Walk
Mar 20 Oakland Mall Walk
Mar 24 Oakland Mall Walk
Mar 27 Macomb Mall Walk
Apr 07 Lakeside Mall Walk
Apr 07 Slow Spokes Monthly Meeting
Apr 09 Algonac-Marine City
Apr 23 Detroit After Dark at the DIA
Apr 23 Sunday Afternoon Dinner Ride
May 01 Monday Morning Rides
May 02 Tuesday Evening Rides
May 03 Wednesday Evening Rides
May 04 Thursday Evening Rides
May 04 Thursday Evening Rides
May 05 Friday Morning Rides
May 05 Slow Spokes Monthly Meeting
May 08 Monday Morning Rides
May 09 Tuesday Evening Rides
May 10 Wednesday Morning Rides
May 10 Wednesday Evening Rides
May 11 Thursday Evening Rides
May 12 Friday Morning Rides
May 13 Saturday Morning Ride - For Ron's New Church Group
May 14 Q-line
May 15 Monday Morning Rides
May 16 Tuesday Evening Rides
May 17 Wednesday Morning Rides
May 17 Wednesday Evening Rides
May 17 Ride of Silence and BBQ
May 18 Thursday Evening Rides
May 18 Thursday Evening Rides
May 19 Friday Morning Rides
May 20 East Side Bike Drive
May 22 Monday Morning Rides
May 23 Tuesday Evening Rides
May 24 Wednesday Morning Rides
May 24 Wednesday Evening Rides
May 25 Thursday Evening Rides
May 25 Thursday Evening Rides
May 26 Friday Morning Rides
May 29 Monday Morning Rides
May 30 Tuesday Morning Ride
May 30 Tuesday Evening Rides
May 31 Wednesday Morning Rides
May 31 Wednesday Evening Rides
Jun 01 Thursday Morning Ride
Jun 01 Thursday Evening Rides
Jun 02 Slow Spokes Monthly Meeting
Jun 03 Detroit Bike Lane/Ernie's Market Ride
Jun 05 Monday Evening Rides
Jun 06 Tuesday Evening Rides
Jun 07 Wednesday Morning Rides
Jun 07 Always "Brewing"
Jun 07 Wednesday Evening Rides
Jun 08 Thursday Evening Rides
Jun 09 Friday Morning Rides
Jun 10 Hubfest
Jun 11 East Side Ride
Jun 12 Monday Evening Rides
Jun 13 Tuesday Evening Rides
Jun 14 Wednesday Morning Rides
Jun 14 Wednesday Evening Rides
Jun 15 Thursday Morning Rides
Jun 15 Thursday Evening Rides
Jun 16 Friday Morning Rides
Jun 16 Random Friday Ride
Jun 17 Blessing of the Bikes
Jun 18 Fathers Day Ride - Dad wants to go for a ride!
Jun 19 Monday Evening Rides
Jun 20 Tuesday Morning Rides
Jun 20 Tuesday Evening Rides
Jun 21 Wednesday Morning Rides
Jun 21 Wednesday Evening Rides
Jun 22 Thursday Morning Rides
Jun 22 Thursday Evening Rides
Jun 23 Friday Morning Rides
Jun 26 Monday Evening Rides
Jun 27 Tuesday Morning Rides
Jun 27 Tuesday Evening Rides
Jun 28 Wednesday Morning Rides
Jun 28 Wednesday Evening Rides
Jun 29 Thursday Morning Rides
Jun 29 Bike Safari
Jun 29 Thursday Evening Rides
Jun 30 Friday Morning Rides
Jul 01 Honduran Food Ride
Jul 01 Saturday Morning Ride
Jul 02 Frozen Custard Ride
Jul 03 Monday Evening Rides
Jul 04 Mexican Town
Jul 05 Wednesday Morning Rides
Jul 05 Wednesday Evening Rides
Jul 06 Thursday Morning Rides
Jul 06 Thursday Evening Rides
Jul 07 Friday Morning Rides
Jul 08 Slow Spokes Annual Picnic
Jul 08 Picnic Ride - Slower Version
Jul 08 Picnic Ride - Faster Version
Jul 09 Macomb Orchard Trail
Jul 09 Tacos and Frozen Custard Dinner Ride
Jul 10 Monday Evening Rides
Jul 11 Tuesday Morning Ride
Jul 11 Tuesday Evening Rides
Jul 12 Wednesday Morning Rides
Jul 12 Wednesday Evening Rides
Jul 13 Thursday Morning Rides
Jul 13 Thursday Evening Rides
Jul 14 Friday Morning Rides
Jul 14 Friday Ride to Construction Zone
Jul 15 Eastern Market Plus Ride
Jul 16 Sunday West Side Ride
Jul 16 Metro Beach Ride
Jul 17 Hot diggity dog ride
Jul 17 Monday Evening Rides
Jul 18 Tuesday Morning Ride
Jul 18 Tuesday Evening Rides
Jul 19 Wednesday Morning Rides
Jul 19 Wednesday Evening Rides
Jul 20 Thursday Morning Rides
Jul 20 Thursday Evening Rides
Jul 21 Friday Morning Rides
Jul 23 Tour Detroit
Jul 24 Tour de Parks
Jul 24 Monday Evening Rides
Jul 25 Tuesday Morning Rides
Jul 25 Taco Tuesday Ride
Jul 25 Tuesday Evening Rides
Jul 26 Wednesday Morning Rides
Jul 26 Wednesday Evening Rides
Jul 27 Thursday Morning Rides
Jul 27 Thursday Evening Rides
Jul 28 Friday Morning Rides
Jul 28 Macomb Orchard Trail Clean UP
Jul 29 Ride Richmond
Jul 29 Creative Arts Ride CANCELLED
Jul 29 Grosse Pointe Ride
Jul 30 Mt Clemens to Richmond
Jul 30 Meander Detroit
Jul 31 Poker Run
Jul 31 Monday Evening Rides
Aug 01 Tuesday Morning Rides
Aug 01 Tuesday Evening Rides
Aug 02 Wednesday Morning Ride
Aug 02 Wednesday Evening Rides
Aug 03 Thursday Morning Rides
Aug 04 Friday Morning Rides
Aug 04 Slow Spokes Monthly Meeting
Aug 05 Mind Over Matter Ride
Aug 06 Ferndale to Rouge Park Ride
Aug 06 Algonac Farm Ride
Aug 07 B-Day RIde
Aug 07 Monday Evening Rides
Aug 08 Tuesday Morning Rides
Aug 08 Tuesday Evening Rides
Aug 09 Wednesday Morning Ride
Aug 09 New Baltimore to Marine City Ride
Aug 09 Wednesday Evening Rides
Aug 10 Thursday Morning Rides
Aug 11 Friday Morning Rides
Aug 13 Ferndale to Southwest Detroit Ride
Aug 14 Monday Back 40 CANCELLED
Aug 14 Monday Evening Rides
Aug 15 Tuesday Morning Rides
Aug 15 Tuesday Evening Rides
Aug 16 Wednesday Morning Ride
Aug 16 Wednesday Evening Rides
Aug 17 Thursday Morning Rides
Aug 18 Friday Morning Rides
Aug 19 Ride to Hamtramck
Aug 19 Pedal for a Cause
Aug 20 Royal Oak Bagel Run
Aug 21 Monday Evening Rides
Aug 22 Tuesday Morning Rides
Aug 22 Tuesday Evening Rides
Aug 23 Wednesday Morning Ride
Aug 23 Wednesday Evening Rides
Aug 24 The Detroit Tigers versus The New York Yankees
Aug 25 Friday Morning Rides
Aug 25 Slow Spokes Special Meeting
Aug 28 Monday Evening Rides
Aug 29 Tuesday Morning Rides
Aug 29 Tuesday Evening Rides
Aug 30 Wednesday Morning Ride
Aug 30 Wednesday Evening Rides
Aug 31 Thursday Morning Rides
Sep 01 Friday Morning Rides
Sep 02 Slow ride on the Riverfront (Correction)
Sep 04 Hamtramck Festival ( The Big Kielbasa Ride)
Sep 04 Monday Evening Rides
Sep 05 Tuesday Morning Rides
Sep 05 Tuesday Evening Rides
Sep 06 Wednesday Morning Rides
Sep 06 Senior Day at The Detroit Zoo
Sep 06 Wednesday Evening Rides
Sep 07 Thursday Morning Rides
Sep 08 Friday Morning Rides
Sep 09 25th Celebration of Cycling
Sep 09 The Green Cruise Bike Rides
Sep 09 Celebration of Cycling - 50 mile route with Jim
Sep 10 Marine Week in Detroit
Sep 10 Taco Truck Ride
Sep 11 Monday Evening Rides
Sep 12 Tuesday Morning Rides
Sep 12 Tuesday Evening Rides
Sep 13 Wednesday Morning Rides
Sep 13 Wednesday Evening Rides
Sep 14 Thursday Morning Rides
Sep 15 Friday Morning Rides
Sep 16 TOUR de TROIT
Sep 17 East Side Ride
Sep 18 Mount Trashmore
Sep 18 Monday Evening Rides
Sep 19 Tuesday Morning Rides
Sep 19 Detroit Fleat Ride
Sep 19 Tuesday Evening Rides CANCELLED
Sep 20 Wednesday Morning Rides
Sep 20 Wednesday Evening Rides
Sep 21 Thursday Morning Rides
Sep 22 Friday Morning Ride to Cranbrook
Sep 23 Saturday Morning Ride
Sep 25 Lake James Last Fling
Sep 25 Monday Evening Rides
Sep 26 Tuesday Morning Rides
Sep 27 Wednesday Morning Ride CANCELLED
Sep 27 Warren to Mt. Clemens
Sep 27 Wednesday Evening Rides
Sep 28 Edmore 3 Day Tour
Sep 28 Thursday Morning Rides
Sep 29 Friday Morning Ride Sept 29 CANCELLED
Sep 30 Saturday Morning Ride....Touring in Detroit
Oct 01 Trail Towns Tour
Oct 01 Open Streets Detroit Slower Ride
Oct 01 Pedal to Porch - Harper Woods
Oct 03 Tuesday Morning Rides
Oct 04 Cass Avenue Bike Lane
Oct 05 Thursday Morning Rides
Oct 06 Friday Morning Rides
Oct 06 Slow Spokes Monthly Meeting
Oct 07 Willow To Lake Erie Metropark
Oct 08 Memphis American Legion Breakfast Ride
Oct 08 I don't know where I'm going, but it will take about 35 miles
Oct 09 Cass Avenue Bike Lane
Oct 10 Tuesday Morning Rides
Oct 12 Thursday Morning Rides
Oct 13 Friday Morning Rides
Oct 16 Detroit East Side and Grosse Pointe
Oct 17 Tuesday Morning Rides
Oct 18 Always "Brewing"
Oct 19 Thursday Morning Rides
Oct 19 Back 40 Dirt Ride
Oct 20 Friday Morning Rides
Oct 21 Peach of a Ride Wrap Up Meeting
Oct 22 Taystee’s Burgers Ride
Oct 24 Tuesday Morning Rides
Oct 26 Thursday Morning Rides
Oct 27 Friday Morning Rides
Oct 30 Belle Isle Fall Color Tour
Oct 31 Tuesday Morning Rides
Nov 03 Grosse Pointe Ride
Nov 03 Slow Spokes Monthly Meeting
Nov 04 Willow To Lake Erie Metropark
Nov 07 Grosse Pointe Woods / Belle Isle
Nov 07 Tuesday Evening Walks
Nov 07 Tuesday Evening Walks
Nov 09 Le Ride
Nov 14 Tuesday Morning Ride
Nov 14 Tuesday Evening Walk
Nov 22 Tuesday Evening Walks
Nov 24 7th Annual Black Friday Ride
Nov 25 Black Friday Short Ride
Nov 29 Tuesday Evening Walks
Dec 01 Slow Spokes Monthly Meeting
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